Natural D-Hist by Ortho Molecular Products: An Outstanding Remedy for Seasonal Allergies

I discovered Natural D-Hist by Ortho Molecular Products at Pharmaca, a natural health food store and pharmacy, when I was looking for a supplement to help me with a persistent night-time cough. The cough had followed a bout of the flu and continued to linger for long after. As soon [...]

Review of Solaray IbuActin, an All Natural Inflammation and Pain Reliever

I recently discovered IbuActin at WholeFoods when I was looking for a natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain relievers such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen. IbuActin is touted as an all-natural alternative to Ibuprofen and promises all day, all body comfort. While I rarely pop pills (supplements included) to numb pain, I [...]

Book Review: The True Power of Water

The True Power of Water: Healing and Discovering Ourselves, written by researcher Masaru Emoto, is an exploration of the healing properties and possibilities of water. In the book, the author proposes that the ubiquitous liquid that we take for granted has the potential to not just dramatically improve our individual [...]

Friday Five: December 5th 2014

I will let today's delightful guest columnist, Divya Krishnan,  introduce herself to you. As an introduction to her Friday Five, she writes, "Here is my “Friday Five”. I thought of changing my dear friend Arathi’s blog completely by writing about my “Friday Ten” but very quickly realized that this is [...]

Friday Five: November 14th, 2014

I’m back with the Friday Five feature for this month. Here are five thoughts/ideas/things that are bringing joy and delight into my life. I had written about the possibility of including guest posts for this feature and it looks like it is going to happen. Stay tuned for exciting guest [...]

Friday Five: October 2014

I have five thoughts/ideas/things this Friday that you might want to add to your arsenal - for warmth, health, joy, serenity and inspiration. These five ideas/things have been rocking my world the past few days. I hope to make "Friday Five" (monthly feature for now) a permanent feature in my [...]

Edit Your Blood with WellnessFx

I’m never satisfied with the “everything looks fine” phrase that I hear from my doctor when I get the results of my blood work. It’s like, “Is that it? I just let you peek into the depths of my life-source and all you have to say is everything looks fine?”  Besides, what does that “fine” really mean? […]