Interview: Robin and Michael Mastro

Today, it is an honor and a privilege to have Robin and Michael Mastro in my corner of the Internet! Robin and Michael Mastro are practitioners, educators and scholars of Vastu Shastra, the Vedic science of living in harmony with Nature. They have authored two award-winning, bestselling books on Vastu, [...]

Interview: Katya Difani

Today I am delighted to feature Katya Difani, owner of a herbal apothecary called Herban Wellness in downtown Kirkland! Not only does Katya have a degree in Herbal Science from the wonderful Bastyr University, but she also runs a gorgeous business. Her store is the kind of place where you start to feel healthy just by walking into it. Add to that, Katya’s kindness and her vast collection and knowledge of herbs, you just know that you are going to have a great time ahead when you walk out of her store. Here are Katya’s sage words about health, herbs and everything that heals. […]

Interview: Seema Dixit

Today I am delighted to feature my long time friend Seema Dixit on my site! Not only does Seema have multiple degrees in Nutrition, International Health and Policy, and Public Health and over 15 years of experience in Public Health focusing on health promotion, she is also a gorgeous soul! Extremely passionate about spreading the word about achieving good health through nutrition, here are her words of wisdom and practical tips on how to achieve a lifetime of good health and wellbeing . […]

Interview: Dr. Vandita Samavedi

Good bedside manner seems to come naturally to some and Dr. Vandita Samavedi is one of them. Warm, kind, and caring, she instantly puts you at ease and practices Internal Medicine at Valley Medical Center in Renton, Washington. She also writes for Glow, a Women”s Health and Wellness blog and likes to volunteer at the Indian Seniors Health Fair and Rotacare free clinic. Vandita took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions about health, nutrition and the mind-body connection from the heart. So do give it a read. […]

Interview: Dr. Indu Partha

When I decided to tackle the Interviews section of my blog, I thought of my friend Indu Partha almost immediately. I think of her as someone who has a great handle on life, her enthusiasm for life is very infectious and she seems to give life and work her all, every single day. And yet, she is so down-to-earth! Here are Indu’s sagacious words about health, cooking and life. […]