Garam Masala: Wish you a Warm 2017

There is something very special about cooking with a powdered spice blend that has been whipped up with your own hands. Pure, unadulterated, organic spices gently roasted until fragrant and then powdered in a coffee grinder are rocking my world these days. Over the holidays, I created a spice blend [...]

Satya, Chitta, and Ananda

All of my favorite health and wellness bloggers were making delightfully wholesome round sweets such as truffles and macaroons for the holidays and I decided that it was time for me to make a handcrafted contribution to the spherically sweet corner of the culinary universe. It was a given that [...]

Five Reasons you Should Eat Ghee

The Sanskrit word for Ghee is Grhita, which means flowing luminosity, radiance and clarity. Take one look at a cup of freshly made warm ghee, and you will know that the ancients were right on their money. Ghee is the filtered golden liquid oil that is leftover when you gently [...]

Curcumin, the Active Compound in Turmeric and its Potential to Heal PTSD Symptoms

There is yet another feather in turmeric’s heavily decorated healing potential cap. Along with Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, Crohn’s disease, depression, heart disease and mesothelioma, brand new, not yet published research reports that curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, helps relieve symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder [...]

Greens 101: Debonair Dandelion

When people think of dandelions, they think of bright yellow flowers ruining a pristine lawn. Ella Wheeler Wilcox must have had the dandelion plant in mind when she said, “Every weed is but an unloved flower”. Not only is the glistening yellow flower of the plant gorgeous, but also the [...]

Friday Five: November 28th, 2014

Today I"m pleased as punch to bring you a Friday Five guest post written by a precious friend from architecture college days. Reshma Rao Beeranthbail lives in Dubai, runs marathons, practices yoga and pursues minimalism. She also takes extraordinary pictures.  Her photographs, especially her people portraits, are bold and evocative. I have walked [...]

Friday Five: November 21st, 2014

Today, I’m delighted and thrilled to bring you our very first Friday Five guest post! Written by my dear friend, Seema Ramakrishna, this post is a personal exploration on the ideas and thoughts that are presently resonating with her. Seema is a mother to one, friend to many, a ball [...]

Savory Turmeric Beverage/Soup

Turmeric (the powdered kind) has always held a special spot in my spice cabinet and recently fresh turmeric root also has been getting some serious veneration in my kitchen. Containing ostentatious amounts of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and immune building compounds, the spice recently graced the pages of the prestigious Wall Street [...]

Friday Five: November 14th, 2014

I’m back with the Friday Five feature for this month. Here are five thoughts/ideas/things that are bringing joy and delight into my life. I had written about the possibility of including guest posts for this feature and it looks like it is going to happen. Stay tuned for exciting guest [...]


A scene from The Good Road, a film that I watched last weekend at a local film festival, was so evocative that it filled me with a visceral longing. What does one of the main characters in the film, a truck driver, do when he is at a difficult crossroads, [...]