Garam Masala: Wish you a Warm 2017

There is something very special about cooking with a powdered spice blend that has been whipped up with your own hands. Pure, unadulterated, organic spices gently roasted until fragrant and then powdered in a coffee grinder are rocking my world these days. Over the holidays, I created a spice blend [...]

Kasturi Turmeric (Curcuma aromatica): The Retin A of the Ancients

If there is a plant that is medicine and magic in equal measure, it is turmeric. By now, you have probably heard about turmeric’s astonishing therapeutic properties. Thousands of research studies validate its healing prowess in calming inflammation, warding off infections, fighting cancer, lifting depression, reducing cholesterol, healing the liver, [...]

Greens 101: Debonair Dandelion

When people think of dandelions, they think of bright yellow flowers ruining a pristine lawn. Ella Wheeler Wilcox must have had the dandelion plant in mind when she said, “Every weed is but an unloved flower”. Not only is the glistening yellow flower of the plant gorgeous, but also the [...]

Six Tips for Getting Soft Shiny Hair without Chemicals

Whether you have thick or thin hair, long or short hair, straight or curly hair, shiny hair is a wonderful thing to have. Shiny hair, not only, instantly enhances your appearance, but it is also a reflection of your internal health and wellbeing. Since time immemorial women (and men) have [...]

Why Women Experience more Hair Loss in the Fall

Have you noticed an increase in hair fall in the Fall? For me, the increase in hair loss begins in mid-October and continues until the beginning of December. I joke that I’m so tuned in with nature that my hair cannot help but mirror what the leaves of trees do [...]

Five Healthy Orange Foods for Halloween

Living both a healthy and a colorful life, are pursuits, that can go hand in hand. Mother nature, it turns out, can be a little bit of a drama queen. She loves to put on a show by enticing us with colorful fruits and vegetables that dazzle us with their [...]

Mid-Month Wellness News Roundup

If you don’t have the time to sift through all the wonderful trending health news and make matching changes (we call them edits around here) to your lifestyle despite being a health enthusiast, don’t fret. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. Here are the top 4 write-ups (according to me) of the at least thousand pieces that I have read in the wellness world this mid-month. One of them is just a facebook update of one of my favorite health gurus, and the other a gist of a television show, but the information is just as exciting and the advice, just as sage. […]

Make a Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Have a couple of hours on your hand and want to make your tresses look fabulous? Make a coconut hair oil treatment. Coconut oil has been used for millennia in India and other parts of Asia as a hair treatment of choice. Used for grooming the hair and as a conditioner, it is known to add bounce and shine to dry and damaged hair. When combined with other essential oils, coconut oil can also make an excellent dandruff treatment. Studies have shown that coconut oil has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and reduce protein loss as compared to other oils such as sunflower oil or mineral oil. In addition, it reduces breakage due to its strengthening effect on the tensile properties of hair. Remember to shampoo thoroughly, otherwise you will end up looking like you need a shower ASAP. […]

Greens 101: Wonderful Watercress

Take one bite of this leafy green and you’ll know that it means serious business. A plant with a 4000 year old history, Nasturtium Officinale, commonly known as watercress has been revered world over for its medicinal properties. Belonging to the mustard family, natural chemicals found in this leafy green that impart a characteristic pungency and kick to it are also responsible for its kickass healing benefits. Through its bright green color and its sinus clearing horseradish like taste, watercress can turn a ho-hum salad or a sandwich into a totally epic one. […]

Antioxidant-rich Foods for Natural Sun Protection

Clinical evidence suggests that antioxidant-rich foods may have a role in protecting the skin from the damaging effects of the sun and prevent skin aging. […]