Have a Yummy Diwali!

Diwali is here! Well, it is almost here; I enjoy the days leading unto Diwali as much as the days of the festival themselves. We gather in the kitchen, the entire family gets involved and whip up some sweets that often get consumed before d-day(s). I think that indulgent […]

Friday Five: October 2014

I have five thoughts/ideas/things this Friday that you might want to add to your arsenal – for warmth, health, joy, serenity and inspiration. These five ideas/things have been rocking my world the past few days. I hope to make ‘Friday Five’ (monthly feature for now) a permanent feature in […]

Four Health Reasons for Eating Okra

I have been crushing on okra for as long as I can remember. Lady’s finger (as we called it in India) was love at first bite, and family stories confirm that it has always been my favorite vegetable. As a child, I probably had a gut feeling that okra […]

Interview: Katya Difani

Today I am delighted to feature Katya Difani, owner of a herbal apothecary called Herban Wellness in downtown Kirkland! Not only does Katya have a degree in Herbal Science from the wonderful Bastyr University, but she also runs a gorgeous business. Her store is the kind of place where you […]

Greens 101: Fantastic Fenugreek

We love a good green! Chockfull of health-giving chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and fiber, they have a permanent spot on our plates and in our hearts (green symbolizes the heart chakra, after all). After spinach, kale, collards, chard, and watercress, you’d think that that our plates and our (green)hearts would be […]

Five Ways to Heal your Thyroid in Winter

We are in the thick of winter, and if you think that your hypothyroid or low thyroid symptoms (fatigue, brain fog, dry skin and the feeling that you will never feel warm again, ever) have a connection with the cold weather, your hunch may be right. A European Journal of […]

Interview: Seema Dixit

Today I am delighted to feature my long time friend Seema Dixit on my site! Not only does Seema have multiple degrees in Nutrition, International Health and Policy, and Public Health and over 15 years of experience in Public Health focusing on health promotion, she is also a gorgeous soul! […]

Interview: Dr. Vandita Samavedi

Good bedside manner seems to come naturally to some and Dr. Vandita Samavedi is one of them. Warm, kind, and caring, she instantly puts you at ease and practices Internal Medicine at Valley Medical Center in Renton, Washington. She also writes for Glow, a Women”s Health and Wellness blog and […]

Interview: Dr. Indu Partha

When I decided to tackle the Interviews section of my blog, I thought of my friend Indu Partha almost immediately. I think of her as someone who has a great handle on life, her enthusiasm for life is very infectious and she seems to give life and work her all, […]

Holy Basil for Stress

One of the most vivid memories of my childhood is that of following my grandmother around as she went about her daily morning routine of worshipping her Holy Basil (also called Tulsi) plant. Just like every other Hindu household, we had a Tulsi plant planted into a special four-sided structure […]